A path of development for small communities

In Barangay Sambulawan, one of the most remote areas in Dinas, Zamboanga del Sur, development was felt by communities and neighboring barangays because of a tire path construction funded by the Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction and Development Program (MTF-RDP) and implemented by the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA).

According to Alfredo Corbita, a member of the Barangay Community Volunteers (BCVs) organized under the program, the project greatly helped farmers because motorcycles now have access to their community when before a horse-drawn cart was the only option to transport their produce. 

A female BCV member extends her appreciation to the BDA during the turn over ceremony of the completed tire path in Barangay Sambulawan. The identification and implementation of the subproject was conducted hand-in-hand with the BDA Regional Management Office."We deliver our products faster to the market and we pay less for the transportation because before the cart owners used to charge us ten pesos for every kilo of corn or rice," Alfredo stated. 

He added that the tire path helped the community become more active. "Many now also go to the seashore for freshly caught fish. Before, fewer people went because the road made it difficult to travel, especially when it rained." 

The tire path also made travel convenient for pregnant women and people who needed urgent medical attention. According to Alfredo’s wife, pregnant women had no other alternative but to ride on a horse-drawn cart in rocky terrain.

"There were times some women needed to go to the hospital at night and it was not safe. The project really was a big help," she said.

The tire path also motivated children to regularly attend classes. Alfredo recounted that students had to walk long distances to reach school. When it rained, they had to travel on muddy roads.  Now with the tire path, "Parents have fewer worries," Alfredo said. 

Hana Kabagani, Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA)
Lifted from the 2013 MTF-RDP Annual Report with some revisions