Project Assessment Program Partnership Agreement 3: December 2013

Project Assessment Program Partnership Agreement 3: December 2013

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The Mindanao Trust Fund‐Reconstruction and Development Program (MTF‐RDP) is a confidence building initiative designed to support the social and economic recovery in conflict‐affected communities in Mindanao. Specifically, the program is directed at building the capacity of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), the development arm of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to lead, manage and implement development projects in a participatory manner. Under a grant agreement between the World Bank Secretariat (as Trust Fund Administrator) and two Trust Fund Recipients (Community and Family Services International and Mindanao Land Foundation, Inc.), community‐based sub‐projects were provided and implemented through the BDA in various communities to assist re‐build, restore and empower local institutions and to contribute to reducing conflict and strengthening the peace process.

Since 2006, the MTF‐RDP has implemented and completed three Program Partnership Agreements (PPAs), each building on the progress, achievements and lessons learned from the previous PPA. The third PPA is the subject of this Assessment. It covers the period from July 2010 to March 2012, which includes the extension under two supplemental agreements. PPAs 1 and 2 focused on the Community‐Driven Development (CDD) component. PPA 3 was expanded to include the piloting of the Community‐Driven Reconstruction (CDR) component of the program. 

The key objectives of the assessment are defined as follows:

  • Assess the overall socio‐economic conditions in the barangays and the extent to which sub‐projects and other assistance were able to respond to needs and priorities of recipient communities.
  • Assess impacts on social capital and community dynamics including the extent to which the program was able to achieve: a) broad‐based community participation in choosing community priorities and implementing sub‐projects inclusive of disadvantaged groups; b) transparency in collective decision making and access to sub‐project related information; c) alignment of delivered sub‐projects with community needs and priorities; d) increased level of trust among community members and towards key implementing partners (POs, BLGU, MLGU and BDA); e) increased belief among target communities and other stakeholders that the Government of the Philippines and MILF can work effectively for the public good; and f) improved perceptions of peace and security in target areas.
  • Provide an in‐depth understanding of issues emerging from PPA3 program implementation and capture related lessons learned that may be used to improve the application of project procedures and guidelines.
  • Assess the extent to which the program was able to achieve sustainability of barangaylevel institutions relative to their capacity to remain active, and sustain the functionality of investments after sub‐project turn‐over.
  • Assess the level of awareness of and satisfaction with the BDA and the MTF‐RDP.