Conflict Monitoring and Participatory Processes for the BARMM

Aimed at strengthening the capacity of multiple stakeholders in the BARMM for participatory, inclusive and conflict-sensitive resource-based planning and management, the project consists of two main parts: one is the conflict monitoring system “Conflict Alert”, which gathers data on and monitors violence across the BARMM region, which includes Marawi; and the other is participatory and inclusive Resource Use and Management Processes (RUMP) that aims to strengthen the capacity of LGUs for participatory, inclusive and conflict-sensitive processes to facilitate community input into development planning and build community buy-in.

Conflict Alert is an ongoing activity initiated by International Alert Philippines (IAP) in 2013, with World Bank funding since 2015. Conflict Alert is a subnational conflict monitoring system that tracks the incidence, causes, and human costs of violent conflict in the BARMM region. It aims to shape policymaking, development strategies, and peacebuilding approaches by providing relevant, robust, and reliable conflict data. The RUMP process will, through a series of workshops, also facilitate communities coming together to identify sources of conflict and articulate their vision for the development of their community. This will strengthen their foundation for engaging in and seeking to influence the LGU development plans for their area. The RUMP will through a number of maps produced by the communities serve as the evidence-base on existing and potential land disputes arising from contested formal or informal land titles and rights; border or boundary disputes, spurious land claims, including effect of policy overlaps of land management agencies, i.e., Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) viz. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of National Defense (DND), Marawi City and Lanao del Sur province survey records; and problems relating to Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) land claims.

This part of the project will be rolled out in 4 LGUs in greater Marawi (where the LAA and MAA are located): Marawi City, Kapai, Bubong and Ditsaan-Ramain. While Conflict Alert in the first component will cover all of BARMM, a special focus will be on Marawi and Conflict Alert data will be integrated into the RUMP thematic maps, especially in cases of multi-causal violence and conflict strings resulting from land/resource-based conflicts and the Marawi rehabilitation process. Conflict Alert will also monitor and track social unrest and violent conflicts attributed to COVID-19 with its exacerbating impact on existing social tensions and fissures.

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