Community-Driven Development/Community-Driven Reconstruction (CDD/CDR)

Project Component Description

Through this long-running component,  the MTF helps the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) provide community-based infrastructure and livelihood support to conflict-affected communities across Mindanao.

Utilizing a community-driven approach, the BDA organizes and trains residents to analyze their communities' challenges and to formulate development and investment plans to address these. The component also provides communities with a direct block grant of between PhP1 to 3 million to implement community-based infrastructure subprojects (such as water systems, access roads, post- harvest facilities and community centers) and/or livelihood support (such as farming and fishing equipment and agricultural inputs). Finally, the BDA trains communities on how to operate and maintain their subproject investments after the project is completed.

The component also seeks to strengthen confidence-building between the Government and the MILF by ensuring close cooperation with local government units. It also supports social cohesion at the village level by working to bring different ethnic, religious and tribal groups together for the common good.


This component seeks to: (a) promote economic opportunity and access to basic services; (b) build capacities of Bangsamoro institutions; and (c) build social cohesion for stable and secure communities.


Field Group 1